Yongtong Li


Dr. Yong-Tong Li is a board-certified medical doctor in Psychiatry and Neurology. She is a fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. Dr. Li has been practicing as a counseling psychiatrist for the University of Pennsylvania since 2003. She had also worked for more than 12 years as an attending psychiatrist at Pennsylvania Hospital Hall-Mercer, where she treated patients with severe psychosocial stressors with or without medical comorbidities. She lectures at universities and presented at international congresses. Dr. Li is an expert on late teen and emerging adult issues, which range from developmental and academic concerns, relationships, identity, cross-culture, acculturation and adjustment. Her clinical work centers on depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar affective disorder, ADHD, eating disorders, and suicide prevention.  Dr. Li was born and raised in Beijing. She attended Ren-Da-Fu-Zhong and graduated from Peking University Health Science Center/Beijing Medical University.  She continued her graduate study at the Institute of Mental Health of Peking University and came to the U.S. in 1991. Dr. Li is bilingual in English and Mandarin.